People behind the falafel

Written by admin

FilFil café owner, Amal, has had a long-term aspiration to share her passion for preparing and eating authentic falafel.

Growing up in the Middle East, Amal has always enjoyed the tradition and culture of food, where family recipes are passed on through generations, and meals are a relaxed and sociable affair enjoyed with family and friends.

So the idea of FilFil café, the North Laine Falafel Company, was born. Filfil is a term used as the singular of falafel and is also the Arabic word for pepper or chilli, both integral ingredients to many Middle-Eastern dishes.

Our falafel is made everyday, created to a well-honed family recipe, served with a range of fresh salads and sauces. We believe we serve it as it is meant to be, so it’s authentic and delicious.

We have designed the café to offer both the convenience of takeaway food and somewhere, if you have the time, to sit-down and enjoy falafel in a lively and sociable atmosphere. We have seating inside and out, and extend onto Gardner Street at the weekends.